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Great Technology
Great Customer Service

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SARD provide workforce management software to the healthcare sector. Our products are simple and intuitive to use, meet the complex needs of trusts and come with outstanding customer service.

Software that makes life easier for users is central to our ethos. We achieve this because our clients are also our design partners, with whom we develop products to precisely meet their needs. We believe that great technology can only excel where there are dedicated, collaborative human relationships in play and users have a strong voice.

Our promise is simple: great technology with great customer service. We deliver this promise to more than 50,000 users in trusts and other healthcare organisations across the country.

The cleverest systems only work if the user can navigate them simply, achieve their desired outcomes easily, and can call on someone quickly when they need to. Customer service trumps everything we do, from user-focused design to lifetime support. It’s the number one thing we strive for. It’s what sets us and our products apart in the marketplace, and why we’re the partner of choice for a growing number of NHS trusts.

Kevin Monk

CEO and founder, SARD JV