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AHP Job Planning

In response to a number of client requests, we have created ‘AHP Job Planning’ - a job planning product which is accessible to different staff groups including Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Clinical Nurse Specialists. We have taken inspiration from our popular Job Planning product to create a system that is robust, simple, flexible and matches the usual high standard to which our users are accustomed.

Over the past 6 months we have been working on this and are pleased to announce that AHP Job Planning is now live!

In this blog post we’ll go though some of the features in detail.

Creating a New Job Plan

Template job plans can be created, for example, for departments, teams or positions. When a new job plan is started, the user can select whether they want their new job plan to be based on an existing template or if they want to start with a blank job plan. If they have a previous complete job plan, this will also be an option. All the timetabled activities from the template will be copied to the new job plan. This makes it easy for the user to get started and they can tweak a team job plan to more accurately reflect their work.

General Info

The first section will pull through information from the job plan owner’s user account such as Position Title, NMC Number, Band etc. A job plan will be valid for a year and the start date can be set in this section along with the working weeks and the contracted hours per week.


In Section 2, the job plan owner can select who needs to sign off the job plan.

The signatory can access the job plans they need to sign off from their dashboard. They will receive a notification when they are selected as a signatory and when the job plan has been signed and submitted by the owner.


Entering Activities

The timetable has been designed to make it really easy to input activities. Daily, weekly, monthly and one off activities can be input and the system will calculate the average hours per week that the activity takes place. As activities are entered, the summary in the top left of the job plan will automatically update.

Both scheduled and flexible activities can be entered, for example, a community clinic that takes place every other Monday or 10 hours a year on mandatory training.

An informative pop up, that is available on the ‘Activities by day’ tab of the timetable, will show exactly how this average value was calculated.

The timetable section has 4 tabs, each of which presents the job plan activity data in a different way.

Activities by day

Activities are grouped by day and the total average hours for each day is displayed.

Activities by category

Activities are grouped by category and sub-category and total average hours displayed.

Week overview

This tab shows a quick overview of the average week.


Sign Off

The final section is where the job plan is signed off by the owner and any signatories.

Admin Reporting

On the admin part of the system, the Job Plan Activity Locations and Categorisation can be specified, ensuring they are relevant to your users.

Compliance reporting is available at a trust level and also by Directorate, Team etc.

It’s easy to see which users have yet to start a job plan, which have a current job plan and which user’s job plan is over a year old.

The Advanced Job Plan Report allows powerful interrogation of job plan activity data. This can be used to filter and drill down on activity data from either type of job plan, or both.

It can filter job plans by directorate, team etc and can display activities by category, subcategory, location etc.

All activity date can be Exported to CSV.

Reality Checker

Our NHSI funded ‘Reality Checker’ open-source application is being developed alongside AHP Job Planning. This separate application uses feedback from electronic patient record systems to estimate performance against job plans. This simplified approach to capacity planning has been proven in our partnering trust Oxleas. Its aim is to drive conversations that improve the quality of job plans and capacity management.

If you are interested in AHP Job Planning then please do get in touch.