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About Us

SARD began life in 2012 as a small team of like minded techies and health sector professionals with a progressive belief that you measure the success of any software by the positive difference it makes to the user’s working day.

Back then, we had one customer, one project and a passion to bring our ideas and expertise into a larger client realm within the NHS. That one project – a medical revalidation system for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust – initiated a joint venture with the trust to grow SARD and extend its reach into the sector.

Today, we remain a close-knit family of enthusiasts and innovative thinkers. Our client base continues to grow in response to the quality of our products, technical expertise and reputation for being friendly, easy to work with and responsive. Our people stay with us for many years because we treat them well, make full use of their talent, give them meaningful work and involve them in our (and their) future.

Oxleas provides us with sector expertise while recognising that encouraging us to roam freely and creatively means we produce products that solve problems and save money. And that’s how we plan to stay: free range, close to our users, good to our people, and committed to outstanding products and unbeatable customer service.

Right from the start SARD were prepared to work with us. It wasn’t about what you can get, it was about ‘what would you like the system to look like?’ It really does feel like a product that was developed by doctors for doctors. That’s one of things I’ve loved about SARD: their ability to listen, understand what the needs are, then bring innovative ideas to the problem.

Dr Ify Okocha

Medical Director, Oxleas NHS FT

The whole company is just passionate about helping the NHS improve, and that motivates our work every day.

Lucie Nash

Software Developer, SARD