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We welcome you to our first-ever podcast, SARDisms, as we discuss the latest and greatest activity at SARD JV. Mariah Young and Joe Wilkinson are the hosts and will take you on a journey of software for the healthcare industry.

This is a new venture for us. There’s so much going on in our industry, we thought of multiple ways to reach others, but a podcast seemed to be the best way to get all the amazing innovation, future-proofing news out into the world. We’re pretty excited about what’s going on and this seems like a great place to shout it out! We are planning to release a new SARDisms podcast every one to two weeks. We’ll be publishing each episode as a podcast here. As this is our first podcast, it may take a few days for your favorite platform to list SARDisms. However, we are planning to make the podcast available on all of the following podcast platforms:

If you work in the same or similar industry, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the podcasts. Feel free to share your perspectives with @SARDJV or use #SARDisms on Twitter, or privately on our Contact Us page. Let us know what you think of the podcasts and if you have any ideas for future episodes.

Thank you for listening!


Our podcasts are available on these platforms.


Note: We’ll update the platforms above with links to subscribe as each platform lists SARDisms podcast.