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Job Planning

SARD Job Planning is a simpler, smarter way of preparing schedules of work and matching these to contractual requirements.

We offer a complete, interoperable suite of Job Planning products:

  • Medical Job Planning - designed specifically for doctors
  • Job Planning for All - making the simplicity of SARD available across the workforce
  • Murfin+ - a neat evaluation tool, designed in partnership with the NHS, to compare job plans to the reality of clinical care

SARD Job Planning provides:

  • Rapid, straightforward data entry for all types of activity
  • Based on iCal standards, providing ease of data entry through a familiar interface
  • Custom activity types, categories and locations
  • Custom mandatory sign-offs to meet organisational needs
  • Instant heat-map overview of job plans

Medical Job Planning

Doctors simply enter their duties and activities day by day and week by week, and the system does the rest, producing verified, agreed and accurate job plans. Doctors are able to clearly define their work plan for the year ahead; trusts are able to agree with their doctors’ activities and attendance expectations and so are better able to respond to the demands on their service and capacity to meet it.

It can handle any level of complexity, instantly calculating all hours and PAs, identifying conflicts and collisions, even the various funding sources behind each job plan. Each trust can set its own parameters within the system, including mandatory information and the number and names of authorising signatories.

It’s an end-to-end system that manages the collaboration between doctors and trusts, producing reliable data and reports that are ready for capacity planning and rostering, discussion and review by others, sign off and a final contract of engagement.

Job Planning for All

Our popular Job Planning system is now available for all roles within the workforce.

Built using the same technology as SARD Medical Job Planning but with a refined timetabling interface, streamlined sections and the facility to enter activities by the hour, this is perfect for organisations who want a centralised system for all staff.

Custom templates can be set for any specialism, enabling those with similar job descriptions to build job plans from a shared starting point and define plans for specific teams and departments within the workforce. However, the ability to adapt individually remains, allowing for the bespoke level of configurability SARD users have learned to expect.

Reporting can easily be toggled between non-medical job plans, medical job plans and both, providing excellent flexibility and an organisation-wide overview.


Our newest solution takes a step beyond traditional job planning. The system reviews the job plans that the trust has created and compares that to the reality of direct clinical care, producing a clearer picture of how practice may be running.

Designed in partnership with Oxleas NHS FT, the system deepens understanding of how the service is working in real time and is intended to inform resourcing discussions to ensure clinical care needs are met.

Check out our quick guide to the Levels of Attainment for Job Planning and eRostering.

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