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Reality Checker

A step beyond traditional job planning. The Reality Checker system reviews the job plans that the trust has created and compares them to the reality of direct clinical care, producing a clearer picture of how practice may be running.

Designed in partnership with Oxleas NHS FT, the system deepens understanding of how the service is working in real time and is intended to inform resourcing discussions to ensure clinical care needs are met.

Three principles

  1. Non-onerous: using existing data, Reality Checker uses what’s already available without extra administrative input.
  2. Patient-centred design: aiding leadership decisions based on improving patient experience.
  3. Detection: Reality Checker makes no attempt to diagnose a root cause, but displays any discrepancies in order to prompt discussion on what changes or improvements may be needed.

Check out our quick guide to the Levels of Attainment for Job Planning and eRostering.

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