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Team Job Planning

Team Job Planning is a medical workforce planning tool designed to enable trusts to make executive strategic resourcing decisions by aligning the trust’s capacity with demand, ensuring consistency across teams and services.

Our software provides initial diagnostics and analysis, resource mapping, job plan reviews, and high-level reporting and governance, supporting trusts to achieve compliance at Level 3 and above under the NHSEI Job Planning Levels of Attainment.

Service Features

  • Model demand for outpatients and theatres, minor procedures, and diagnostics
  • Establish operational capacity based on current scheduling for planned activities
  • Establish PA requirements for emergency/ward-based models of care and on-call
  • Compare demand model against current scheduling arrangements as well as current job planned capacity
  • Establish nonclinical activities and tariffs in advance of job plan review
  • Support robust departmental job plan review
  • High level reporting and governance

Service Benefits

  • Aligning departmental activities to available medical resource
  • Determine the clinical resource gap
  • Drive down costs for extra duties and waiting list work
  • Align capacity and demand
  • Develop a methodology allocating PAs for clinical administration and tariffs
  • Ensure consistency across teams and the organisation
  • Establish its elective capacity
  • Inform contingent demand and reduce contingent spend
  • Provide high level reporting and governance across organisation
  • Meet Job Planning Levels of Attainment 3 and above

Check out our quick guide to the Levels of Attainment for Job Planning and eRostering.

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