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Private Practice Scope of Work Report

There is a new feature on the site which provides administrators a comparative view of a medic’s Scope of Work section from their appraisal, and their Private Practice activities from their job plan. The aim of this report is to flag on the system when Private Practice shows in one and not the other. This report compares a medic’s last complete appraisal with their last complete job plan and it can be marked as ‘Complete’ or ‘Flagged’. Comments can be added to reports as required. You can search for medics on the page, or filter by the state of the report.

Within each report you can see all responses included in a Scope of Work section, alongside any declared private practice activities from their job plan. There is also access to the respective appraisal and job plan, and an email link; the content of which can be automated. The aim of this page is to provide the information on a single page to enable checking for clashes or potential discrepancies between a medic’s appraisal and their job plan.

The page can be found in the lefthand column of the Admin ‘Medical Revalidation’ drop down, ‘Scope of Work Report.

If you would like access to this report for your organisation, please ask one of the customer support team who will be happy to turn it on for you.