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Looking after Physician Associates

SARD developed our Physician Associate revalidation system in response to a request from one of our existing Medical Revalidation customers, our highly configurable system was quickly adapted to the specific needs of PAs. The system has since been successfully implemented at multiple NHS trusts and our system promotes reportable, adaptable and engaging appraisals for their PAs.

Our system streamlines the process of gathering and compiling information for an appraisal, ensuring best practice is followed by PAs ahead of any GMC regulation changes and providing familiarisation with the revalidation process.

The SARD Physician Associate Revalidation system comprises of two sections, a Portfolio of Evidence and an Appraisal.

Portfolio of Evidence

We have based our portfolio entirely on the personal and professional development toolkit for the Physician Associate. This ensures that all PAs within are asked for the same evidential information. We are also able to add certain local or speciality specific evidential requirements if essential due to the configurable nature of our system.


The appraisal section has previously been based entirely on the Medical Appraisal Guide Model Appraisal (MAG) form however, we are now able to provide NHS Trusts the option of choosing its successor, the AoMRC Medical Appraisal Template 2022 to ensure the most up-to-date compliance for PA’s. The Appraisal section will be mapped to pull relevant evidential information entered into the portfolio into the appraisal, allowing an appraiser to focus on those key areas during an appraisal. This is the same appraisal form used by Doctors as this system was derived from the Medical Revalidation system.

SARD Foundry (Optional Extra)

Also included, if required by the Trust, is access to SARD Foundry, a form building website providing each Physician Associate with up to five individual forms that are required as part of their appraisal process. These include:

  • Mini-CEX
  • DOPS Assessment
  • CBD Forms

These can be completed as often as is required and are then added to the PAs individual appraisal in the relevant section.

Reporting and Administration

SARD provides a full reporting and administration suite to each trust. Your trust administrator would be able perform a number of tasks including,

  • Adding and removing users
  • Accessing compliance reports
  • Managing the appraisal process
  • Compiling periodic reports, AOA’s etc.

SARD will provide a comprehensive training session as part of our implementation process for all administrators of the system.

Customer Support

With SARD, customer support is our top priority. We offer a fully managed solution that includes not only the implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system, but also continuous development, technical requests, bug fixing, and most importantly, direct access to our dedicated internal support team. Whether it’s a first-time user or a seasoned pro, our team is available to assist with any questions or concerns your users may have. And with our easy-to-use ‘Live Support Online’ tab and a variety of helpful guides and support videos, we make sure that every user is fully engaged and able to interact with the system and the process with ease.


In 2022, SARD Managing Director Phil Bottle hosted a webinar with a demonstration of the SARD Physician Associate Revalidation system which is available for you to watch on YouTube.

If you have any questions or would like more information about SARD Physician Associate Revalidation, please contact me at