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Automatic Reminders - Why They Can’t (and Shouldn't) be Ignored!

I’m shaking things up a bit this week. After a flurry of content about the fast-paced, adrenaline fueled world of Capacity and Demand Management (if you think that’s an overstatement, you should read previous articles), I’m switching gears back to the world of medical software solutions namely, SARD’s Medical Appraisal and Job Planning systems.

Specifically, I wanted to talk about something that might seem a little less glossy, but is a huge feature in its own right - Automatic Reminder Emails. A subtle, silent workforce that is often the unsung hero of system management. It’s a feature that creeps up on most wish lists and causes a lot of frustration among systems administrators, appraisers, and Responsible Officers (RO’s) that don’t have a system like SARD’s in place.

Why do automatic reminders deserve a shout out?

Picture this: You’re a doctor, knee-deep in the rigours of your demanding profession. You’ve got rounds to make, patients to see, reports to file, and oh yes, that looming Medical Appraisal meeting. Trust me, we understand that you’re busy, and guess what? So are the folks who are reminding you about that appraisal. Every stakeholder in the healthcare landscape is strapped for time and that’s why a gentle nudge or a friendly reminder about an upcoming task can be an absolute godsend.

Automatic reminders can streamline the process of task management, taking the onus of ‘remembering’ away from busy people with more important jobs. Instead of your administrators chasing people around, a friendly, non-intrusive, and timely email can do the job far more effectively.

Here's The SARD Magic

At SARD, we believe in making things simple and easy. Our suite of automatic reminder options is designed to remove the stress and burden of task tracking. Your NHS trust can customise the number of reminders, the frequency, even the subject and content of emails that are sent via the system.

Examples include everything from the soft and gentle ‘Hey, you’ve got six months, but thought you’d like a friendly nudge’ to the firm and serious ‘D-Day is tomorrow. Brace for impact!’

And here’s the best part - our reminders aren’t just confined to Medical Appraisal. We have incorporated this feature in our Recommendation reminders, ASPAT reminders as well as our Job Planning system too.

The Email Fatigue Factor

Remember the cautionary tale of the boy who cried wolf? That’s what we want to avoid. Over-communication can lead to ‘email fatigue’ and our goal is always to remind, not to annoy.

To counteract this, we provide administrators, RO’s, and other stakeholders with the additional option to email in bulk (or to individuals) about their upcoming appraisals or job plans. The idea is to create a balance between systematic reminders and personal interactions, ensuring tasks are progressed efficiently and effectively.

So, the next time you overlook the significance of automatic reminders, remember that these little digital post-its are keeping the wheels of your healthcare system running smoothly. They might not be as ‘sexy’ as some other features, but boy, do they pack a punch when it comes to making things easier!

For more information on how SARD’s Medical Workforce systems could help your trust, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates!

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