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SARD is a proven, essential resource for some of the largest trusts in the country, from the majority of the Shelford Group, including King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Manchester University trusts, to specialist providers like the Tavistock and Portman, and Circle Health.

We love what we do, but most importantly our clients love us, which, for a business wanting to make a real difference to our NHS, gives us the confidence and energy to go from strength to strength on their behalf.

If you’d like to hear from a client first-hand, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone you can chat to directly about their SARD experience.

Portrait of Lee Thompson-Downes

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust has been using SARD for appraisal, revalidation, MSF and job planning since August 2017, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we work and bringing us and our medics into the electronic world.

SARD allows us as administrators to view our medics portfolios in real-time, which provides critical insight into pay affecting issues as well as keeping our medics in line for annual appraisals and the set principles and values set by the GMC.

But away from the technical side of things, which I’m sure will dazzle and attract everyone, the company themselves are an incredible bunch of people. From your customer service team all the way up to your founding members and Directors, just about everyone at SARD is friendly, laid back and extremely approachable.

I’ve developed an incredible relationship with the team and having met them at their external events, and showing the continued work they are doing, their friendliness blew me away. This relationship has partly turned into friendship over the almost 3 years, and with my constant questions and botherings of the team, I’ve learnt that they are not only fiends of coffee but also seem to have many coffee-related mistakes, to which I have received confirmation that they have almost banned all coffee in their offices - which when learning this definitely brightens a bad day.

I can’t fault the effort, determination and knowledge that SARD have. Every question or issue I have has been answered, even if unsure immediately or something out of the ordinary, SARD always investigate and find an answer for us. And not just the administrators here, but also the medics I have liaised with praise SARD for their work and the information they provide.

I cannot thank them enough for everything they do and then some.

You guys are awesome!

Lee Thompson-Downes

Medical Workforce Systems Officer

Portrait of Helen Wilkinson

Our experience of working with the team at SARD has been very positive. The pop-up chat team are very quick to respond to queries and minor issues which inevitably arise. The team embrace suggestions for further improvement and in cases where it is feasible, changes are introduced quickly. This responsive and personal service is SARD’s key strength – they are a pleasure to work with.

Helen Wilkinson

Head of Medical HR

Portrait of Angela Salmen

We have been managing medical appraisal/revalidation and our job planning processes through SARD since July 2013. The systems are easy to use, can be easily adapted and we’ve had some really positive feedback from our doctors using them. The team at SARD are very helpful, responsive and dedicated to providing a system fit for purpose. I would happily recommend SARD to any Trust looking for an e-system to manage its appraisal/revalidation and/or job planning processes.

Angela Salmen

Senior Medical Staffing Manager

Portrait of Denise Joseph

I think it’s excellent… I don’t think it’s just great. I think it’s excellent because they exceed their customers’ expectations. And I do think that, although their technology is great and always forward-thinking and it’s wonderful and you know that it’s there, the simple selling point for me was always SARD’s great customer service – because so many systems are great… but where a lot of systems fall down, especially for the NHS, is that IT will put in a system, which is not their system and there is usually no dedicated separate specialist support for that system.

For the users, it can prove difficult to engage with a brand new system, without that specialist support, which can then lead to problems and issues. Where it’s different with SARD is that there is a separate SARD support team. That’s why I would recommend SARD and that is the feedback that I gave to my own Trust. ‘Anytime between 9-5, they will answer your query’. If any doctor rings them, they will be satisfied.

Denise Joseph

Medical Revalidation & Appraisal Advisor

Portrait of Andrew Lumsden

When the Trust was looking to switch our provider for appraisal and job planning software we were looking for a system which had good customer service as a key principle whilst continually looking for the system to evolve through user feedback, SARD has delivered on this and more.

As with any transition to a new system, it came with apprehension and I can safely say that this evaporated very early on with help from all at SARD from the customer support team, to the account manager and to the tech whizzes behind the scenes.

The way SARD encourages feedback and acts on suggestions shows that it will continue to keep getting better, while maintaining its already excellent standards.

Andrew Lumsden

Revalidation Project Officer

Portrait of Prof. Joe McDonald

They have decent software. They have software where somebody pops up and asks if I can help. So it’s not just about the software, it’s about the service that goes around it.

I mean, you guys have been delivering for me, a very good appraisal system, which was easy to use, and the service alongside it meant that if I was having a problem, there was a human who would help me with it.

And that’s not very common.

Prof. Joe McDonald

Former CCIO and Consultant Psychiatrist