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SARD products assist with operational administration and the organisation of personnel and their professional practice. We support public assurance and trust administration, including appraisal and revalidation, capacity planning and rostering, and leave tracking and authorisation.

Eco System

But that’s only part of the story.

We’re all too aware that we are working with an NHS that is changing all the time. This brings new performance pressures, budgetary challenges and care demands to which our clients must respond.

SARD always have and always will be influenced by our customers and our future will be led by how the NHS evolves to best help people live well and age well. That’s how our products will remain relevant and compelling and how our clients will stay ahead of whatever challenges come their way.

Each SARD product meets a different need, but all share the same design DNA:

  • Designed in collaboration with the NHS and workforce management experts
  • Intuitive and user friendly, promoting greater user engagement and higher compliance rates
  • Significant administrative savings over existing data capture methods
  • Customisable to individual client and organisational requirements
  • Simple, secure and comprehensive administration and user management
  • Secure web access from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Powerful search and reporting functionality with full audit capability
  • Outstanding user and technical support

SARD has changed the way we manage our revalidation and appraisal services. The system has seen a massive drop in our rate of deferrals at revalidation, and our doctors are a lot happier and feel a lot more supported. Also, from the regulatory side I feel really confident that we’re getting everything done well in advance and as a result our compliance rates are going up.

Nicki Sullivan

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

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