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Our customer support defines us as a company and is a recognised hallmark of our relationship with our clients. We’re here when you need us, giving expert assistance and guidance on your SARD products.

Our live web chat service – operated by real people with expert knowledge and experience – is particularly popular with SARD users. Live chat is key to our belief that users should be able to have immediate contact with an expert while using one of our products, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction.

SARD support was very instrumental in helping me learn about their system. You always feel that there is somebody there you can contact. The live chat facility is just excellent. I have never had one complaint from a user.

Denise Joseph

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Trusts don’t require great systems on their own. They require the help that makes those great systems something really useful for them to use.

Philip Bottle

Managing Director and founder, SARD JV

The Support Team

I’m Megan, SARD’s Customer Service Director, and I am very proud to head up our team of dedicated support experts who keep our users happy and productive. But if at any time you’re not happy with the service you receive from SARD, please email me,, or call me on 020 3519 2065.

Megan Holmes

Customer Service Director

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