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Pete Laven

Account Manager

Hi! I’m Pete, and I’m an Account Manager for SARD. I joined the company in August 2020 and was blown away by the obvious enthusiasm and commitment from the team even at interview stage! The dedication to improving the working life of users in the NHS is amazing.

I’ve spent the last twenty (ish!) years in healthcare IT, in both Primary and Secondary Care, working with Electronic Patient Records systems and Patient Flow software. I think that short of actual programming, I’ve probably spent time doing a bit of everything; Call Centre staff, Support Consultant, Training Manager, Account Manager, Project Manager!

When I’m not trying to see what new and interesting talents I can add (!), I spend most of my time following my tween daughter around from Smiggle to Claire’s to River Island (other pre-teen girl retail outlets are available) trying to make sure that I still have money for my wife. That, and watching an unhealthy amount of science fiction.

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