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SARDisms 15 - Dr Umesh Prabhu


Dr Umesh Prabhu completed his medical degree in India and came to the UK to enhance his career whilst immersing himself in another culture.

He’s excelled throughout his career from junior doctor to consultant through to Medical Director. His passions are patient safety and leadership culture, as he works to understand the reasons behind why doctors make mistakes.

Dr Prabhu was invited to meet the Queen to mark his contribution to the NHS and was twice voted as one of the top 50 BME pioneering leaders of the NHS.

"With covid many patients have died and many have lost jobs and many families are suffering. Now that covid vaccine has started hopefully 2021 will be a great year." - Dr Umesh Prabhu

Episode summary

"Be proud of our amazing NHS. Be proud of our great nation. Together we can build a great nation and the most wonderful NHS." - Dr Umesh Prabhu

In this episode, Kevin Monk and Mariah Young speak with Dr Umesh Prabhu about the challenges he's faced and what he's learned along the way.

As a former Medical Director, Dr Prabhu has seen many changes in the NHS over the years. He's worked diligently to make sure that safety of all patients remains paramount regardless of who, what, where or when. Dr Prabhu has a clear mission and has no problem challenging others to ensure the welfare of all of those who benefit from the NHS retains top priority.