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Annual Organisational Audit and the QIT

Revalidation professionals will be aware of Annual Organisational Audits and Quarterly Information Templates. Designated bodies use them to feed data back to NHS England. SARD eases the process by generating AOAs and QITs at the touch of a button.

The presentation of the data can be tricky. The data asked for is, in some places, contradictory and open to interpretation. The QIT deadline requests data within the 15 month appraisal compliance period. A designated body could mark a doctor as ‘late’ even though they still have 3 months.

Despite these difficulties, It’s a huge benefit to our client administrators and ROs. We can provide the data to NHS England for 10’000+ doctors in a uniform manner. The calculations are defensible and auditable because they come with clear notes.

This is ‘work in progress’ until we have clearer rules. But clients should expect to be able to retrieve the relevant data with much more ease going forward. It’s aligned with our wider aim of integrating NHS England’s Single Appraisal Policy.

As always, we welcome your feedback and input.