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SARD Nurse and Midwife Revalidation

Nurse Revalidation

On Friday the NMC made their final decision - all midwives and nurses in the UK will need to be revalidated on a regular basis. In response SARD JV is excited to announce the completion of the SARD Nurse and Midwife Revalidation system, the product of several years of research, design and software development work lead by our Senior Developer, Barbara. We have taken everything learned from the development of our Medical Revalidation and Job Planning systems to create a brand new system that is robust, simple, flexible and ready to meet all Nurse and Midwife revalidation needs to a high standard.

We have been in consultation with multiple partner trusts, taking on board their needs and feedback. Feedback so far has been extremely positive. The beauty of the system is its flexibility; the standard setup is ready to immediately meet NMC requirements, while at the same time a great deal of customisation is possible, quickly and easily.

We also know that in many cases there will not be the same administrative capacities available within your organisation as there have been for medical revalidation. The system is therefore designed to be user-driven, with a simple signoff process that makes it clear and easy to see what needs to happen next.

System features include:

  • A full-featured system to meet all NMC requirements without any modification needed
  • A completely customisable system in the backend so that we can change the system to meet your trust’s needs, often in a matter of minutes
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • Built to modern web standards, with full backwards compatibility to IE 7
  • A beautiful, responsive interface designed by Simon Sharville
  • Full Activity Logs for all users
  • Quick, easy user imports from CSV/Excel
  • Powerful and easy to use document management capabilities
  • A simple, clear interface that will make completing revalidation quick and easy for both nurses and administrators
  • An advanced new permissions system to allow full control and customisation
  • Custom reporting
  • A new Policy system to allow high customisability and rule sets

And the SARD benefits that our partners already receive:

  • Accessible 24/7, 365 days a year from any location, with zero downtime deployments of features and fixes
  • Full access to our team of revalidation experts and software developers to respond to feature requests rapidly and effectively
  • Constant system improvement at no extra cost to the trust

Our nurse revalidation system is live and ready for use today: if you would like to discuss it, ask questions, book a face to face or online demo or trial the new system without obligation please get in touch at or in working hours click the green ‘Live chat’ button below to talk to us immediately. We look forward to working with you to deliver the best system possible to your nurses and midwives.

You can read the full NMC announcement here.