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Real Human Relations

When thinking what topic to write about for this month’s blog post, I thought it’d make sense to write about my job in customer service support for SARD. I’ll write a little about that, but also focusing on the importance of human relations within the work place and also with our clients and end users.

Owners and managers of profit and nonprofit organizations define human relations as ‘fitting people into work situations so as to motivate them to work together harmoniously’. This process should

  • achieve higher levels of productivity for the organization
  • bring employees economic, psychological, and social satisfaction.

Technical ability only is usually not enough to achieve career success.

Studies indicate that many people who have difficulty in obtaining or holding a job possess the necessary technical competence but lack interpersonal competence.

A personal example of good customer service -

Recently I had a call with my broadband provider for which I was enquiring about my broadband router being delivered after moving house. It was a little late in delivery, and when I called to ask about it, the lady I spoke with apologised for the delay, explained what the issue was, and also reimbursed me for my first month’s bill.

This was excellent because they apologised for the issue, and efficiently and clearly explained the reasoning behind it and resolved it for me. I think it showed the emotional intelligence of the lady I was speaking with, and her want and need to go above and beyond to put things right. I believe this is what we achieve in our work at SARD.

We accept in our job that not everything will be perfect at all times, and things can go wrong, but it is about taking full ownership and resolving the problem efficiently and making sure at the end of it the user is happy.

In my job, I work on the live chat system Monday - Friday 9-5 supporting our clients and users with any technical navigation around our system. Knowing the technical side of it is one thing but having the interpersonal competence is another. I believe I am friendly and personable to all of our users and through this attitude within my work I have built strong working relationships with clients and users. I regard this is as part of our strong ethos and philosophy behind SARD. I also take calls on our office number, as well as personally calling people when they need help with something. We often have doctors using our system apologising for their lack of competence technically, however I assure them that it is absolutely no problem, and I work through what the issue is and help them to resolve it. To be human like and relatable helps doctors who have extremely busy, high pressured jobs, feel like they have the support they need and that somebody understands and is willing to help. I am lucky to have acquired good peoples skills from my training in acting at Brit School and doing lots of Amateur theatre. I love meeting new people, and also helping people. I am very lucky to have a job I love and for us all to get on so well as a team. I truly believe this comes across in our approach to our users and clients, and through our work at SARD.

I hope you have found this blog interesting.

Please do not hesitate to come on chat and talk to me, or one of my friendly colleagues. We are here to help with anything you may need!