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Job Plan Improvements

Francesca’s blog about the Lake of Discontent indicated how important it is to us that we listen to our users. At present most of the questions we receive are related to one product - Job Planning.

We want our job planning system to be as easy to use and fast as possible for doctors, while still meeting all job planning requirements and providing data that trusts can use in meaningful ways to improve care. Job planning involves various complex concepts, such as replacing hours with Programmed Activities (PAs) - an averaged measure of work density over a year, and then accounting for every kind of contract, full time, part time, flexible work, and then taking into account the (sometimes major) differences between how different trusts manage job planning, to name a few. Over the past two years we have rebuilt our job planning system from scratch, transforming it into one of the most accurate and powerful systems on the market.

Despite this there are still many areas of the system which we want to improve, especially related to the user experience when entering a job plan. The most recent improvement we’ve made has been to give all users the ability to share an existing job plan as a ‘template’. These templates are cleaned of private data and made available to all other users at the trust, who can then use the template as a starting point for their own job plan.

The other major change, to go live on Monday 16 October, is replacing the existing ‘weekly calendar’ tab on the timetable with a simpler, clearer calendar view. We’ve also simplified the ‘Activity Summary’ to hide unpopulated rows. From this:

Job Plan Timetable Old

To this:

Job Plan Timetable New

We hope these features will prove useful in making it easier and faster for doctors to complete their job plan. It is one small step in our continued effort to build the best job planning system on the market.