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My Annualisation Horribulus

Actually, it’s been an annus mirabilis for us at SARD. We’ve welcomed new clients; UCL Hospitals, Public Health England, Oxford University Hospitals, South London and Maudsley, and a few more we’re not allowed to tell you about, yet.

Four people have joined our merry team: Daniel in customer services; Lucie as a software developer; Simon on graphic design; and Matt is making huge improvements to our server infrastructure.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to an awesome software developer, Jade, who was finding the North / South London commute a bit much. We wish her all the best at CarWow. Our loss is their gain but we did say goodbye with the best leaving present ever. Who doesn’t want a blanket with the faces of all the SARD staff plus Michael Jackson??

On the system side, the ever dependable, clever clogs Barbara has been enhancing our eDocuments pages; giving us bespoke appraisal reminder emails and along with our account manager Rob rolled out her appraisal month feature to nearly all of our clients.

Our resident genius, Alex, has been refining eLeave, revamping job planning, AND building our eRostering product. If producing the best eRostering product on the market wasn’t enough, both Alex and Jade got a 1st with distinction in their Computer Science Masters degrees. As Larry David would say.. “pretty, pretty, pretty… good.”

In Operations and Customer Service, Naomi has been getting us ready for another ISO27001 audit and preparing us for the imminent EU GDPR regulations. Alice, Daniel and Cheyne have been serving our ~ 18159 doctors with their 44546 appraisals, 994654 eDocuments and 203651 MSF survey responses.

I may be a bit biased as she’s my wife but Francesca has been doing a sterling job in publicising all that hard work above, getting us SARD branded mugs, and generally making sure people hear about us.

I’d praise Rob too but to be frank, we’re all sick of our clients telling us how good he is.

Phil’s been alright too.

In short, we’ve been VERY busy!

I’m really excited to see the new look SARD being deployed in the new year and our hard work in Artifical Intelligence starting to pay off. Alongside our NHS partners, we’re going to be smashing down some big problems for the NHS next year. That’s really rewarding for us here and we’re really excited about it.

Thank you to all our wonderful clients and my team at SARD for making 2017 such a success. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!