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Happy Birthday Mum!

SARD is the very proud child to an amazing parent - the NHS! And as this phenomenal institution turns 70, we wanted to pay tribute to the very reason for our existence.

In 2011 we were founded as a joint venture between Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and software developer Mango Swiss Limited to support Medical Revalidation. Since then, have grown to support other elements of Medical and Clinical HR and workforce management, hopefully making administrative processes as straightforward as possible. As an NHS owned company, a portion of our income is also returned directly to the NHS and as we continue to grow, this return will also continue to increase.

We are very proud to play a small role in the history of the NHS, supporting the doctors, nurses and health workers who keep the UK on its feet and hopefully making the day-to-day easier for you, so that you can carry on the important business of saving lives. Happy Birthday!

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