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Remembering Jonathan Wood

It saddens me to report the death of our Chairman, Jonathan Wood. He was fighting a 2 year battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with his wife Linda and their two children, William and Arthur.

Jonathan was more than a business advisor to us, he was a good friend. I spent many hours with him, having a beer after a meeting or over lunch, discussing physics, Bitcoin, life / death, business culture, finance, sport, films, love, religion, raising kids, the singularity… sometimes we’d even discuss work! Often it was all of the above. Because Jonathan had an attitude to business that I’ve always admired and set us on a good path from day one; he knew that business was just a tool for a better life. That’s what I loved about him. He’d zoom out and see the bigger picture. I like to think that he’s zoomed all the way out now and sees the REALLY big picture. And I bet you the picture is just like he said it would be. I bet you he was right because he always was. Smarty pants!

We’re going to miss him very, very much.

RIP Jonathan.

PS. How does this spreadsheet work again?