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Customer Support Team Leader

It has been a while since I have written a blog post, but I have some very exciting news.

While I am still the Customer Support Manager at SARD and very proud to manage the excellent team that I do, the past year I have also been supporting and helping our Account Manager Rob Green in looking after our trusts as we hit our 40th client mark! This has involved many trips on the road, helping to implement new trusts and train new and existing end users.

This has made me very busy and we realised I would need some support in having my ear to the ground with the support team and finding out what our end users are struggling with, or happy with etc, and recognising trends in our feedback, which we find so crucial here at SARD. The best part of my job, particularly being able to be on the road so much and physically in the trusts that we work with, is that I get to understand what people want the system to be able to do, first hand from our users, and the kinds of things they would like it to capture. I didn’t want to lose sight of this from a support perspective too, because this is so important and the all the team work so hard to go above and beyond for our users.

So without further ado, I am really pleased to announce our new Customer Support Team Leader is Megan Holmes. You may have spoken with Megan on our live chat, or had interactions with her over the phone; she has been part of the support team for just under a year now and has become an integral part of the team, valued by both her colleagues and our end users.

As I step further away from being directly involved with operating our live chat and speaking to our end users, and become more involved in Account Management, I have real faith and comfort in the team that they keep steering the good ship that is our SARD Customer Support. I love hearing the amazing feedback that I do about the Support Team here at SARD when I go on trips and speak to our users.

Megan has shown true leadership skills and has grasped the functionality of the system so quickly and brilliantly. She manages to use brilliant investigative skills to go above and beyond to resolve issues for users, and delivers it with a smile at the same time.

I am really excited about her being the team leader! Well done Megan!