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Development of the SARD API

Ensuring interoperability has become a key focus of NHS England recently.

Different organisations and systems within the NHS need data to flow between them in a seamless way. At SARD we are developing an Application Programming Interface (API) that will provide access to our medical revalidation, job plan and eLeave data to authorised persons.

An API acts as a common interface for different software systems to connect and exchange data. We are using the Open API Specification as the basis for our programming interface. This can produce an API that is useful for both humans and software systems. Humans use the specification as a source of API documentation, examples and as a way to try out and understand the capabilities of the API. Software systems can use the specification to pull and push data to and from SARD.

Version 1 of the API is now available to view here.

To try it out you will need to get your personal access token. Instructions for this can be found on the SARD site under API Access in the user menu. N.B. this is only available for admin user accounts at the moment.

Please get in touch if you are interested in our API development work and if there are any further endpoints that would be useful.