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SARD in the time of Covid

At SARD, we are enormously privileged to work closely with our NHS and other medical organisations on our client list, and we continue to be awed by the work and dedication you’re all putting into the fight against Covid-19 in these unprecedented and challenging times.

Our support for our clients and our software remains as strong as ever and we are lucky to have been able to move our entire company to remote working in order to continue providing the great technology and great customer service that we always have.

Our support team are taking calls on their normal phone numbers (with perhaps a tiny delay as they patch through to their home lines!), and are responding to Live Chat and support emails just as fast as ever. Things are a little quieter at the moment, understandably, and they’re grasping the opportunity to do some extra training and upskilling and get our user guides bang up to date.

The ever-industrious software developers have set up shop in homes as far apart as the Isle of Wight and Poland, but are still working together as strongly as ever to deal with technical issues. They are also using some of this rare down time to forge ahead with the development of new and exciting products and collaborations.

Sadly, our User Event scheduled for September has been postponed, but we hope to see a lot of friendly faces at the rescheduled date in the Spring.

While we’ve had to work apart, we’ve still managed to have the odd team get-together online, and we seem to have got the hang of Zoom….

Fig the office dog is still at his post managing our Twitter account, and helping Kevin and Francesca with home-schooling so that they can continue to work on the good ship SARD.

Christy has been running quizzes with special rounds on ‘client knowledge’* so that we can all keep up to date, and a lot of us have become much more familiar with the world of jigsaw puzzling than we ever thought possible.

Though we all miss each other, we are glad to be safe and well and are tremendously grateful for the NHS heroes working day and night to get us all through this. Thank you!

*Which Trust would score the most on a scrabble board?
Cumbria Northumberland Tyne and Wear with a whopping 53!

Revalidation Deferrals from the GMC

In order to prioritise clinical care during the coronavirus pandemic, the GMC has stated that any medics due to revalidate before the end of September 2020 can be deferred for one year. If you are using the SARD Medical Revalidation system and would like us to help with recording appraisal exemptions/recommendation deferrals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can arrange this on a multi-user or organisational basis to save you time on managing individual records.