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Listen to our new podcast, SARDism

We welcome you to our first-ever podcast, SARDisms, as we discuss the latest and greatest activity at SARD JV. Mariah Young and Joe Wilkinson are the hosts and will take you on a journey of software for the healthcare industry.

This is a new venture for us. There’s so much going on in our industry, we thought of multiple ways to reach others, but a podcast seemed to be the best way to get all the amazing innovation, future-proofing news out into the world. We’re pretty excited about what’s going on and this seems like a great place to shout it out!

To kick us off on the right foot, we’ve asked Lucie Nash, an epic software developer at SARD, to join us and discuss her viewpoint as well as projects she’s working on. From ASPATs to how she became a top software developer, Lucie tells all in this light-hearted and entertaining chat.

So, sit back, relax and please enjoy this first episode of SARDisms here.