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System Update (March 2021)

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the first quarter of 2021.

Job Plan Sign Off Report

A number of our clients that use SARD for Job Planning asked for a way to identify the number of job plans signed off at each tier. We’ve added four new admin ‘Job Plan Sign Off Stats’ pages so this information can be viewed by Directorate, Location, Specialty or Position Title.

The overview page can be used to track the overall progress of job plan signatories:

And for an individual directorate, specialty etc you can see exactly who is yet to sign off:

Clicking on the envelope icon will create a draft email from your default email application that will remind the signatory that they have job plans that require their signature.

Appraiser Allocation

Another much requested feature has been the ability for appraisal leads to allocate appraisers, rather than allowing individuals to select their own appraiser. There are now a number of options when it comes to who allocates appraisers:

  • Individuals can select their own appraiser
  • Administrators can allocate appraisers
  • Directorate Leads can allocate appraisers
  • Specialty Leads can allocate appraisers
  • Location Leads can allocate appraisers
  • Team Leads allocate can appraisers
  • Custom Appraisal Leads can allocate appraisers

If, for example, a specialty lead is responsible for allocating appraisers, then on their ‘Specialty Appraisal Report’ page, each of the medics in the specialty for which they are a lead will have a pencil icon next to the appraiser name:

Clicking on the pencil will take them to a page where they can see the previous appraisers that the user has had and here they can allocate a new appraiser if needs be:

Uploading Offline MSFs

If a previous MSF report has been uploaded onto SARD, it can now be selected from the user’s eDocs when creating an Offline MSF (rather than having to upload the file directly). This is a small change but should make it a lot easier to create Offline MSFs, particularly when moving from a different trust to SARD.

Admin view of Custom Appraisal Lead Report

Custom Appraisal Leads are responsible for a set of medics that do not fit in any particular organisation unit, i.e. they are not all in the same directorate, specialty etc. Custom Appraisal Leads have access to a report page that will show the overall compliance of their allocated medics. We’ve added an admin side report page that will show the same information.

Bank Holidays shown on the All Shifts page

Finally a change to the All Shifts page on our eRostering system. Bank holidays are now highlighted in orange.