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Getting leave right for Dr Jake

Today I’m at Digital Health Summer School 2022 in Leeds and it’s fantastic to be back seeing old friends and making new ones. The highlight of the show yesterday was a panel on “managed convergence” and spontaneous applause came for Leeds CIO and NPfIT veteran Paul Jones, when he described how the misapplied funding that isn’t sufficiently patient-focussed makes him feel “physically sick”. He added “Why are we so obsessed with EPRs? I have 475 other systems which affect patients.” More applause.

Last week I was in the little town of Dalyan in Turkey. I’ve been holidaying there for 25years. This year I was joined by my son , Jake, who is a junior doctor. 7 am on the first day of his holiday we are woken by his phone.

“Waddaya mean ‘where am I? I’m in Turkey on holiday. I told the rota coordinator……I’ve got email to prove it…yes, yes, you will have to get a locum for the whole fortnight…”

A costly fail to manage leave, oft repeated. There’s more to NHS IT than the EPR, that’s why I’ve joined SARD JV today. They are doing the hard work to make it simple to get rostering right. We are committed to a modular, open platform approach that will eventually make sense of Paul Jones 475 systems starting with rostering. I call it “managed divergence”. If you want your rostering sorted get in touch and join the modular, cultivational revolution espoused by health IT genius Margunn Aanestad, contact me at