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Evolving Together – Asking the Right Questions to Deliver the Best Solutions

At the heart of our company lies the personal touch. You know the names in our team: Megan, Charlotte, Christy, Cheyne… - and we know you. We’ve built our software systems by listening to your requests and working closely with you.

As our customer base has expanded, we’ve realized the importance of continuously refining our approach to feature requests. Our goal is to ensure that our software keeps getting better and remains customer-centric.

To achieve this, we’re shifting our focus from individual additions or changes to deeper conversations about the challenges you and your organization face. This means we’ll be asking more questions like:

  • "What are you trying to achieve?"
  • "What problem are you trying to solve?"

By understanding the bigger picture, we can prioritize improvements that bring the most value to everyone.

We’ve got some exciting developments we’re rolling out.

Come talk to us about them.

Kevin Monk, Philip Bottle Co-founders of SARD