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Sorry! We can't simply solve your problems, but we can enable the solutions...

SARD came into existence at Oxleas NHS Trust more than 11 years ago. Not just to solve a problem, but for SARD to enable a solution. The challenge? To assist doctors with their annual appraisals. As time passed and the complexity and depth of problems faced by trusts increased, we’ve had to evolve, adapt, and expand our ability to enable more intricate solutions. But before we delve into what we’ve become, let’s talk about what we’re not.

We are NOT a consultancy

There’s no shortage of consultancies in the NHS, many delivering commendable work. Their journey, however, typically concludes with providing advice and/or a report. SARD takes a different approach. While we do consult and offer guidance based on our expertise, we climb with the trusts on that journey. Picture a mountain – every trust is climbing to its own unique version of a peak. While consultancies may provide a map, SARD goes further: we share our wisdom and accompany the trust through the terrain ensuring no one is left behind.

We are NOT a training company

Training companies usually play the role of equipping you with the knowledge or skills and then sending you off to face the world. But what happens when the actual climb begins? What if you’re half way up and something unexpected happens? That’s where SARD is distinct. We stand by the trust not just during the training but through the implementation and at every stage in between. We understand that real learning doesn’t end in training rooms… it’s an ongoing process as new challenges arise.

We are NOT an outsourcing company

Outsourcing involves handing over certain processes to an external party. SARD’s approach is more collaborative. We’re like the experienced mountaineer who helps find the best path upward, but also ensures that you learn the ropes so you can embark on future expeditions independently.

We are NOT a system provider

SARD began as a system provider. However, systems are just the tools, like the gear needed to begin a climb and, we make fantastic gear! However, having all the gear doesn’t guarantee reaching the summit… knowing how to use it effectively does. And that’s what SARD excels in – not just handing over the tools, but ensuring that trusts have the capacity and understanding to wield them effectively to achieve tangible results.

We are NOT a static solution

In an ever-evolving landscape, static solutions can become obsolete. SARD understands the need to be adaptive, to learn and to develop solutions that cater to the dynamic nature of healthcare. Like a mountaineer who continuously hones their skills and adapts their strategies, we too are always moving forward and innovating ways to make the climb easier for everyone.

So.. what are we?

SARD is an enabler. We assist in your ascent, bringing the experience, expertise, tools, and support needed to navigate efficiently. We’re committed to the long haul, ensuring that a trust can, over time, become self-sufficient.

Our Workforce Optimisation initiative epitomises our dedication to not just guiding but empowering, to not just providing tools but building capacity. SARD is here for the journey and the many peaks ahead. We’re committed to ensuring that trusts reach the summit and learn how to conquer new heights independently… always with our support just a base camp away if needed.

In a world that thrives on labels, SARD defies categorisation. We are more than a consultant, a trainer, a system provider, an outsourcing company… we are the enablers of your ascent.

Let’s get your trust where it needs to be!

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