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Rob Lacey

Software Developer

Portrait photo of Rob Lacey, Software Developer

Hi, I’m Rob and I joined SARD in March 2019 as a Senior Developer.

I was introduced to programming rather by accident at an early age, I found books at the library on how to create Text-Based Adventures and was glued the screen of my Amstrad CPC 6128 (the one with the Disk Drive), I taught my neighbour in his late 60s how to use LocoScript on the Amstrad PCW to speed up his letter writing, and managed to add programs to our Primary School computer system that I really shouldn’t have been able to. BASIC was/is cool.

I spent much of my teens obsessing over horribly noisy music, playing guitar in bands and having silly hair. But eventually I rediscovered computers, programming, the internet in my early 20s and through the support and encouragement of key figures in my life, I’ve adopted a learn by doing approach to work and achieving goals. That has followed me through my career from Hostmaster, NOC Engineer, Third-Line Support and later Developer.

I’m incredibly pleased to have found such a rich supportive Team at SARD and looking forward to making my mark.

I still have silly hair, and now a set of drumsticks on my desk.