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SARDisms 18 - Giles Paley-Phillips


After spending a significant time touring the UK’s music scene, Giles Paley-Phillips found a passion as an author when his first son was born. He's written several children's books and, upon having his own bout of writer's block, decided to start a podcast with his friend Jim Daly covering these exact kinds of moments with celebrities and well-known people. Crossing over the 100th episode mark, Giles and Jim have spoken to many influential people and they have used their podcast experiences to write a new book ‘Blank’ due out in April 2021.

Episode summary

Have you ever experienced a blank moment? Most people have.

This week we're joined by Giles Paley-Phillips, award-winning author and co-host of the Blank Podcast where he and Jim Daly speak to well-known people who share their personal moments of ‘blankness’ from writer's block, social anxiety, frustration and beyond. In this episode, Kevin Monk and Mariah Young chat with Giles about gratitude, compassion and how we're all human and can experience similar anxieties regardless of status or fame.