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SARDisms 19 - Marc Cox


Marc Cox began his career in the advertising industry and has worked with a variety of companies across sectors. The most common thread amongst his clients is the attitude of the ‘boss’ - each is curious and open-minded with a deep thirst for learning.
Marc set up The Company Spirit to help support good leadership that seeks to involve all employees. This led him to write his book The Business Case for Love which outlines six ‘best in class’ principles to help organisations succeed.

Episode summary

“If you want your customers to love what you do as a company, then you need to start with your employees loving what they do.” - Marc Cox, The Business Case for Love

Marc Cox is the founder of The Company Spirit and author of 'The Business Case for Love' published in 2020. Kevin Monk and Mariah Young talked shop with Marc around his ideas for success in the current climate - and you guessed it - it starts with happiness in the workforce!