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SARDisms 22 - PMPC, Open-source Mythbusters


Dr Marcus Baw is a locum GP and Emergency Physician in Yorkshire. Over the years, he’s taken an interest in coding and has built up a fairly unusual portfolio career as a doctor/developer hybrid. Marcus is a big advocate of open-source and is on a mission to improve the NHS through the power of tech.

Kevin Monk is the Managing Director of SARD JV.

Episode summary

In another special edition of SARDisms, Kevin Monk and Marcus Baw (see episode 006) break down the myths about open-source. As Directors for the Community Interest Company, Public Money Public Code, the pair discuss the misconceptions around open-source software, what it means to them, the community and what it could do for the NHS.

If you're interested in joining Public Money Public Code CIC, visit or send us a tweet on Twitter @PubMoneyPubCode and use #publicmoneypubliccode.