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SARDisms 23 - Dr Unwin and Dr Ovadia


Dr David Unwin, known as the 'low carb GP', is an award-winning general practitioner recognised for his innovative low-carb approach and being a strong advocate for lifestyle medicine. His pioneering work has been published in multiple journals and featured on television.

Dr Philip Ovadia is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has seen personal success through the adoption of a low-carb diet. After many years struggling with his weight, he questioned how to set an example for his patients about to undergo surgery. He experimented on himself first, and after seeing great results, he recommended low-carb to his patients in the hope of avoiding surgery in the first place. Since then, Dr Ovadia has opened his own metabolic health clinic in Florida and continues to help his patients to change their lifestyles before going under the knife.

Episode summary

What happens when you put sovereignty together with results? You have happier medical professionals.

On this episode of SARDisms, we chat with Dr David Unwin and Dr Philip Ovadia about how quickly medicine moves and sometimes, how what we think we know isn't always what is right. We chat about Ignaz Semmelweis, who discovered the importance of hand washing only to be mocked and ignored by his peers. The same challenge could be applied to many current medical debates, but this specific discussion is around type two diabetes patients, sentenced to an incurable disease that can only be managed through medication - or can it?