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System Update (June 2021)

The tech team have been hard at work adding many new features across all our products. Here is what we’ve been up to:

Job Planning

SAS Contract Reform 2021 Job Planning Changes

The SAS contract reform 2021 job planning changes have been made to our job planning system. There is a new ‘SAS 2021 Contract’ option available for selection in the General Info section:

New ‘SAS 2021 Contract’ option in General Info Section

This should be selected by doctors/dentists on the reformed Specialty Doctor contract or the new Specialist contract. If selected, PA calculations will be based on premium time being outside the period of 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday (as opposed to 7am to 7pm) and any time on a Saturday or Sunday.

The On Call Availability Supplement section has been updated now that doctors/dentists on the SAS 2021 Contracts can select Category A or B:

On Call Availability Supplement

And additional guidance notes have been added to the Sign Off section to highlight the safeguards that should be checked by signatories:

Additional safeguards guidance notes and stats
Advanced Job Plan Report CSVs

The Advanced Job Plan Report now includes a CSV export of all job plan data, i.e. all questions and answers from the selected job plans. SARD online Job Plans can contain ‘custom questions’ that are specific to your organisation. These are also included in the full job plan CSV. Click on ‘Export full job plan data of selected job plans to CSV’ on the Advanced Job Plan Report page to download the CSV:

Advanced Job Plan Report CSV Options
Advanced Job Plan Report CSV Example Contents
Dealing with a change to Job Plan activity categorisation

If your organisation makes changes to the subcategories and/or activity options available for job plan activities, any options that were previously selected will no longer be visible. We’ve added a warning to prompt the job plan owner to select a new option:

Activity Reselect Warning

Please note if you need to make some changes to job plan activity categorisation and would like the changes applied to any existing job plan activities, then please get in touch and we can help with this.


We’ve made a number of changes to make managing approved leave easier. You can read more about that here: Managing Leave

Medical Revalidation

Recommendation Reporting

New recommendation compliance reports have been added to the RO Dashboard, which breakdown the data by Directorate, Location, Team, Specialty and Position Title. (These are also available to administrators on the Admin part of the site).

Responsible Officers can access the reports from the Options sidebar:

RO Dashboard Options Sidebar
RO Dashboard Recommendation Compliance by Directorate

On the RO Dashboard Recommendation Compliance Report we have also added filters so, for example, you can view all users that are in a selected directorate and location:

Description of roles on admin user form

We’ve added a lot more information about roles on the admin user form. If you are ever unsure about which roles a user should, or shouldn’t have, then please get in touch.

Roles on New User Form

The Admin -> User Data -> Advanced User Search form now has options to select products such as Medical Revalidation, MSF etc.

Advanced User Search Product Selection
Improvement Request Form

Last year we added an improvement request form so administrators could report bugs and submit requests for new features. It’s been great to have your feedback on the system and many of these suggestions have been implemented.

What really helps us is a clear description of exactly what is required and exactly where in the application you are referring to. It also makes it more likely to be implemented if you can tell us the benefits and reasoning behind the request, or what problems you are having, as we are often able to suggest a way to solve them with existing functionality in the system.

So, with that in mind, we updated the new improvement request form with a bit more information on what is helpful for us to know.

Improvement Request Form


Improvements have been made to streamline the shift swap process, you can read more about it here: Shift Swaps


We’ve added a setting to Foundry documents so that the inputting of guest user details can be turned off if needed. If a participant needs to be selected, such as a confirmer for a Nurse Revalidation portfolio, then we can limit that so only users in your organisation can be selected, rather than being able to enter the name and email of someone not on the system.

Foundry select with and without guest user options

For those not using Foundry - it is SARD’s separate application for creating and completing more bespoke forms online. It’s currently used for Nurse Revalidation, recording clinical supervision and custom 360 feedback. If your organisation uses paper based forms and you would like a quote for moving these online, then please get in touch.