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Careers at SARD

Working at SARD is fun and rewarding. We’re always on the lookout for people with the right skills, a positive attitude and a passion for great work to join our team.

Our culture is open, relaxed, friendly, sociable, flexible and non-hierarchical, where you can work with a high level of autonomy and have the space to express yourself.

We like people with something to say, the thinking and belief to back it up and a natural ability to work generously and harmoniously within a close-knit team. We also like people who do amazing things without feeling the need to say very much at all. However you contribute, we’ll value your input, respect your personal ambitions, support a healthy work-life balance and help you grow and flourish.

  • You’ll be given the scope to manage your own workload, but if you need support from your fellow team members, rest assured it will be at hand
  • You’ll be able to get better and better at something that matters to you. We’re big fans of continuous development and we’ll support you with role-related training identified by regular appraisals
  • You’ll be making a contribution to one of our most treasured possessions. We’re very proud of the role we play in supporting the NHS and the health of the nation. You’ll be part of that.

We subscribe to the teachings of business and human behaviour author Dan Pink on employee motivation through autonomy, mastery and purpose. You can watch his Ted Talk on the subject here.

Additional benefits

  • Twice yearly appraisals: your opportunity to discuss and reflect on your progress and your future direction with SARD
  • Quarterly away days for the whole company: everyone’s opportunity to discuss and help shape the future of SARD
  • Less formal social jaunts, which have so far included lunch gatherings, escape rooms, cocktail classes and mini-golf. All future suggestions welcome
  • We’re happy to talk about flexible and remote working where appropriate so that you can do your job and manage your other priorities without compromising either

What do our team say?

Working at SARD is unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked. The atmosphere is so relaxed, trusting and supportive that employees just want to work hard. I was welcomed in straightaway and trained up by a caring and passionate tech team, who have ignited my own love for the job. The communication within the whole company is stellar and everyone is valued for their uniqueness. We are all invested in the future of this company because we believe in its ethos and see how our clients love it. SARD is doing something very, very right. It’s difficult not to love coming to work.

Lucie Nash – Software Developer

SARD took me on as a junior software developer and I was able to rapidly progress to a senior level due to the level of autonomy and support available. If you’re independent, want to make a contribution, and willing to work hard, they will support you through thick and thin and go far beyond what most employers would do in order to help you. It’s also a really good, friendly atmosphere, and a lot of fun. More importantly, there’s a real opportunity to improve the workdays of hardworking NHS staff. It’s been my favourite job so far and has changed my life in manifold positive ways. Thanks!

Alex Rudall – Product Developer

I have never had a job like my role at SARD. I’ve been given enough support to help build my skills and so that I’ve felt looked after, as well as the opportunity and space to push myself and really control my own progression. Each day at SARD is different, with some sillier, and some harder than others. If I’ve ever been struggling, I’ve felt fully supported, not just by the other members of the support team but by the company as a whole. Those elements of the role, coupled with being part of such a great team and believing in what we do, allow me to say I truly do love my job.

Megan Holmes – Customer Support Manager